Stopwatch in accordance with API 13B-1



The Mudtest timer is a classic stopwatch that can also be used to record split times. This makes the Mudtest stopwatch ideal for measuring viscosity with the Marsh funnel in accordance with API 13B-1 and to measure the time for the drilling fluid to fill to 946ml (1quart) mark of the cup.

Because the timer or clock has a resolution higher than 0,5 s, it also meets the tighter tolerance specifications of the EN 12350 series of standards and can be used for examining fresh concrete.

The Mudtest stopwatch even satisfies the requirements of EN 445 and the test methods of grout for prestressing tendons, since the fluidity test with the cone requires a stopwatch showing time to 0,1 s.

The stopwatch shows the time in 12/24h time format, has an alarm function and a calendar. The stopwatch is splash-proof. The battery lock on the back can be opened without a screwdriver.

The Mudtest stopwatch is suitable for tests according to the following standards, among others:


  • NF P 18-507
  • DIN 4127
  • DVGW W 116
  • EN 12350
  • EN 445
  • API 13B-1 / ISO 10414-1



Stopwatch 3600.00.00000