8-Speed Viscometer




The 8-speed rotary-viscometer determines the flow characteristics of oils and drilling fluids in terms of shear rate and shear stress over various time and temperature ranges at atmospheric pressure. Speeds are easily changed with a control knob, and shear stress values are displayed on a lighted magnified dial for ease of reading. The viscometer is suitable for both field and laboratory use and uses a motor-driven electronic package to provide drilling fluid engineers with an extremely accurate and versatile tool. The device operates from a 12-Volt battery, or standard rig power, either 115 or 230-Volt, 50-60 Hz.

The viscometer’s motor RPM is continuously monitored and automatically adjusted by the pulse-power electronic speed regulator to maintain a constant shear rate under varying input power and drilling fluid shear conditions.

The eight precisely regulated test speeds (shear rates in RPM) are as follows: 3 (Gel), 6, 30, 60, 100, 200, 300, and 600. A stir speed is also provided.

The MUDTEST viscometer complies with the requirements of API RP 13B-1 or the corresponding international standard ISO 10414 for field testing of drilling fluids.


  • Operates anywhere in the world without flipping switches or re-wiring
  • Lighted dial makes readings easier and more accurate
  • Conventional oilfield rotor, bob, and torsion springs maintain rheology history and reproducibility between instruments and laboratories
  • Threaded rotor - mechanically attaches to the unit the same way every time
  • Retractable legs available for placement in kits



Viscometer 8030.00.00000



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