Squeeze bottle

Sand wash bottle



With the squeeze bottle, liquids can be precisely dosed and solids such as sand can be rinsed out. The squeeze bottle consists of an airtight bottle body and an angled riser tube that reaches to the bottom of the bottle.

The Mudtest squeeze bottle is used in the laboratory and in the field and has a capacity of 500ml. Squeezing the polyethylene bottle forces the liquid out through the riser tube with a nozzle at the end. The aim of the jet can be precisely determined and the amount of liquid can be dosed. In addition to water, the Squeeze Bottle is also suitable for other liquids such as acetone or ethanol.

One application for the squeeze bottle is in the sand containment kit where it is used to wash the sand of residual mud. The squeeze bottle is also used for API filter press testing. Before the thickness of the filter cake can be determined, it must be carefully freed from residues of the drilling fluid..



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