Slurry Test Kit

Slurry test kit



Drilling fluids are used during many drilling activities, such as water well drilling, geothermal drilling, drilling for oil and gas in horizontal or directional applications. Drilling fluids or slurries are also commonly used in mining, tunneling and when drill shafts are made. To assure the success of a drilling operation the right physical and chemical properties of drilling fluids have to be determined before using them in the field.

The MUDTEST slurry test kit complies with the requirements of API RP 13B-1 or the corresponding international standard ISO 10414 for field testing of drilling fluids.


The slurry test kit may carry the most needed instruments to determine drilling fluids as well as cement slurries. All testing instruments are well arranged in a high impact case. The content may be customized. The following properties may be determined:


  • Viscosity
  • Density
  • Water hardness value
  • pH value
  • Sand content
  • Filtration



Case to store slurry testing equipment (empty) 8000.98.01000
Mud Balance 8010.00.00000
Mud testing ring 7300.11.00000
Filter paper for mud testing ring 7300.11.00007
Sand content kit 8040.00.00000
Marsh funnel, 4,76 mm 8020.00.20000
or fluidity test cone EN 445 (10 mm) 5200.00.00000
or Marsh cone NF P18-358 (8 mm) 8020.00.30000
Marsh funnel cup, 1000 ml  8020.00.50000
Stopwatch 3600.00.00000
Measuring cylinder, 500 ml 3000.00.00500
Measuring cylinder, 1000 ml 3100.00.01000
pH indicator strips (0-14) 3200.10.10000
strips indicating water hardness 3200.30.10000
Thermometer 3700.10.00000