Concrete Sample Container BS EN 12350-1

Sealed concrete sample cylinder BS 12350-1



The MUDTEST sealed concrete sample container is ideal for receiving and storing increments if concrete for consistence retention testing.


The container - a cylindrical tinplate can with a press-in lid, rubber seal and tension lock - can be closed tightly and is made of a non-absorbent material. Tinplate is a thin cold-rolled steel sheet, the surface of which is coated with tin. Tinning is used to protect against corrosion. The sealable sample container is therefore not readily attacked by cement paste.


The ratio of height to diameter of the concrete increments sample container is 1,3 and within the tolerance of the standard. With a volume of 1 liter, is of sufficient size to completely accommodate the sample.

Technical specifications

Material Tinplate
Weight 140 Gram
Inner height 130 mm
Inner diameter 100 mm
Volume 1000 ml



Concrete Sample Container BS EN 12350-1 6200.06.00000