Needle probe thermometer

Needel probe thermometer



With their long and robust probes, the MUDTEST penetration thermometers are ideal for easy and precise temperature measurement of fresh concrete, mortar and drilling fluid. The splash-proof Thermometer deliver exact measurement results within a very short time.

In accordance with the standard specifications of EN 12350-1, the error limit of MUDTEST thermometers for measuring the temperature of fresh concrete is 1 °C (1,8 °F). The increased temperature requirements of API 13B-1 of up to 105°C (221 °F) are easily achieved.

Specifications digital thermometer

Temperature range -50 – 300°C  (-58° – 572 °F)
Material housing Plastic
Material probe Stainless steel
Required power battery, 1x LR44
Dimensions 25 x 17 x 245 mm (B x T x H)
(0.98 x 0.67 x 9.65 inch)
Weight 24 g (0.85 oz)
IP class IP55 splash water prove
Accuracy ±1 °C at -10 – 105 °C
(±1.8°F at -2.2 – + 221 °F)



Analog probe thermometer 3700.00.00000
Digital probe thermometer 3700.10.00000



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