API Mud Balance

Mud Balance



The mud balance is used to determine the density of drilling mud and cement slurries. The mud balance is a beam balance with an asymmetrical structure. On the short side of the beam there is a cup to hold the sample and on the long side there is a counterweight.
The sample cup can be closed with a lid. Excess drilling fluid or cement slurry passes through a hole in the center of the lid. In this way a uniform volume is measured. The weight of all mud balance lids is identical. If a lid is lost, a new lid can simply be used.
The counterweight is positioned on the longer side of the beam and can be moved over four scales. Scales on the top of the mud balance indicate measurement ranges from 6.5 to 23 lbs/gal and from 0.79 to 2.72 g/cc. Measuring ranges from 49 to 172 lb/ft³ and from 340 to 1190 psi at 1000 feet depth are engraved on the side of the mud balance.
During operation a level bubble vial shows whether the two arms are in balance.
The MUDTEST mud balance complies with the requirements of API RP 13B-1 and API RP 13B-2 or the corresponding international standard ISO 10414 for field testing of drilling fluids.



Mud balance 8010.00.00000
Lid for mud balance 8010.00.00001