Mud Balance

Mud Balance



The four-scale mud balance is used to determine the density or weight of drilling fluids or cement slurries. One of the most important properties monitored throughout the drilling operation is the mud density.

The mud balance is designed so that the mud cup at one end of the arm is balanced by a fixed counterweight at the opposite end, with a sliding weight rider free to move along a graduated scale. A level bubble is mounted on the beam to ensure accurate balancing.

On the front side are measuring scales with ranges of 6.5 to 23 lbs/gal and specific gravity of 0.79 to 2.72 g/cm³. At the back side there are scales for 49 to 172 lb/ft³ and for 340 to 1,190 psi/1000 ft.

The MUDTEST mud balance complies with the requirements of API RP 13B-1 or the corresponding international standard ISO 10414 for field testing of drilling fluids.



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