Measuring Cups

Measuring cups



MUDTEST measuring cups are ideal for simultaneously filling and measuring amounts of liquid. Our measuring cups have ergonomically shaped handles and are therefore very easy to grip. This makes work easier and offers a high level of safety when handling a wide variety of liquids. The shape of the spout ensures optimal flow behavior and reduces annoying dripping. Due to the high manufacturing quality, the measuring cups sold by MUDTEST have a very precise scale, even if the scale on the measuring cups is primarily used for orientation. Graduated cylinders with their slim shape are therefore better suited for exact measurements.



Measuring cup, 250 ml 3100.00.00250
Measuring cup, 500 ml 3100.00.00500
Measuring cup, 1000 ml 3100.00.01000
Measuring cup, 2000 ml 3100.00.02000
Measuring cup, 3000 ml 3100.00.03000
Measuring cup, 5000 ml 3100.00.05000



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