Imhoff cone

Imhoff cone



The Imhoff cone is used to determine the sand and sediment content when cleaning wells during well construction. The Imhoff cone is made of clear plastic with permanently embossed graduations. A screw cap on the pointed end allows for easy cleaning.

To carry out a test, a produced water sample is taken and filled into the cone. The cone is held in a vertical position using a suitable stand. Solids can settle. The amount of sand and sediment can be read directly from the permanent graduation on the cone.

The Mudtest Imhoff cone is manufactured according to the specifications of DIN 12672 - laboratory equipment made of glass or plastic - sedimentation vessels according to Imhoff.
Mudtest offers various stands to hold or store the Imhoff cone. A wall bracket is particularly suitable for field use during sedimentation, as it cannot be knocked over. All stands can be found under the tab “Images”.  



Imhoff cone 7500.00.00000
Single stand & wall bracket 7500.99.10000
Tripple stand for Imhoff cone    7500.99.30000



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