Flow table EN 12350-5

Flow table



The flow table is used to test the consistency of fresh concrete. The flow table consists of moving table made from a flat plate with a plane area of 700 × 700 mm, on which concrete can be placed. The moving table is hinged to a rigid base onto which it can fall from a fixed height to measure the spread of the concrete.
The main frame and the lower top of the flow table are made from a phenolic film faced plywood. This film faced plywood has improved resistance to abrasion, moisture penetration, chemicals, insects and fungi. The upper part of the flow tables’ top is made from a flat galvanized steel plate with a thickness of 2,5 mm. The galvanized surface prevents the steel to be readily attacked by cement paste and makes it liable from rusting. The center of the table is scribed with a cross that run parallel to the edges of the tables’ top plate and with a central circle of 210 mm in diameter. The galvanized steel plate and phenolic film faced plywood are screwed together. The flow table top has a mass of 16 kg and therefore complies with the specification requested by EN 12350-05.
Table top and base are hinged in such a way that no aggregate can become trapped between the hinged surfaces. The hinges may be removed easily to weigh the table top. Foot rests are provides to assist in stabilizing the flow table in use. For lifting the table top a handle is provided to ensure that the top is lifted without jerking. The fall height of the table top is limited to 40 mm by means of two stops.


In addition to the requirements of the standard, the flat metal surface of the table top is enforced and the rigid blocks are positioned in such a way the surface of the flow test table will not distort during testing of fresh concrete.

All saw cuts of the flow table are seals with water repellant acrylic paint to protect the wooden frame from moisture.

Technical specification

Dimensions of flow table (L x W) 700 x 700 mm
Dimensions of incl. foot rests (L x W) 800 x 700 mm
Mass of flow table top 16 kg
Total mass of flow table 23 kg



Flow test table c/w mould & tamping bar
accordance with EN 12350-5 
Flow table EN 12350-5 6005.11.00000
Mould EN 12350-5 6005.12.00000
Tamping bar EN 12350-5 6005.13.00000
Measuring tape 5 meter EN 12350-1  3900.00.05000
Remixing container EN 12350-1 6001.05.00000
Scoop 100 mm in width EN 12350-1  3300.00.00410
Thermometer with max. error of 1 °C   3700.10.00000
Timer clock with resolution of 0,5 s  3600.00.00000