Cone for fluidity test BS EN 445

Marsh cone according to BS EN 445



This cone is used to determine the fluidity of grout following the procedure described in BS EN 445. To do so the time is measured necessary for a stated quantity of grout to pass through the orifice of the cone, under stated conditions. Following the standard the MUDTEST cone is made from smooth non-absorbent plastic. It has a volume of 1,7 ± 0.17 l. The cones lower orifice has an internal diameter of 10 mm and a length of 60 mm.

During the test the cone is mounted on a stand to prevent it from vibrating. A graduated cylinder is placed under the cones outlet. The outlet needs to be closed with a finger. Grout may be poured to fill the conical section of the cone. The grout shall be poured sufficiently slowly to prevent a build-up of air.

The outlet previously held close is opened and grout starts to flow. At the same time the stopwatch is started to measure the time for 1 liter of grout to run into the graduated cylinder. The measured time has to be taken to the nearest 0,5 s. In addition the temperature of the grout during the test needs to be documented.

To perform the test a cone, a stand, a graduated cylinder, a stopwatch and a thermometer are needed. All can be found in the tab order information.

A marsh funnel to analyze drilling fluids may be found here.



Cone for fluidity test 5200.00.00000
Measuring cup with double spout    8020.00.50000
Alternativ: Standard measuring cup, 1000 ml 3100.00.01000
Stand for cone 8020.00.70000
Stopwatch with a resolution of 0,1 s 9000.00.34906
Thermometer 9000.00.38991