Products for Cement and Mud Testing

Ball Harp and diaphragm walls construction

Viscometer Type 800

Filter Press

Dead Weight Filter Press


Mud Filtration Ring

Marsh funnel Viscometer

Mud Hopper

Imhoff funnel

API Mud Balance

Sand Content Test

Shearometer according to API 13B-1

Slurry Test Kit

  • Density, Viscosity, Sand content:
  • Slurry Test Kit
  • API 13B-1 / API 13B-2

Marsh cone according to BS EN 445

Grout spread method according to EN 445

Marsh cone according to NF P18-358 / NF P18-507

Measuring cup

Graduated cylinder

Wash bottle

Precision scale

Stopwatch showing time to 0,1 s

Needle probe thermometer


  • Length:
  • Ruler
  • EN 12350-1


  • Volume:
  • Scoop
  • EN 12350-1

Sealed concrete sample container for consistence retention testing

Flow table EN 12350-5

J-ring EN 12350-12

  • Fresh concrete:
  • J-ring
  • EN 12350-12