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Langjährige Erfahrung in in Messgeräten für Spülungs-, Zement- und Betonituntersuchungen




1941 Leutert was founded in Hamburg by Friedrich Leutert, a watchmaker by trade, and a gifted engineer. Most of the early instruments for the vibrant oil and gas industry in Europe were designed by him. Friedrich quickly established the company as a major provider of subsurface and surface instruments. Since the 1950’s LEUTERT has been manufacturing instruments for testing the physical and chemical properties of drilling fluids and cement slurries.

His son, Hartwig Leutert, joined the company in 1971 and initiated a rapid expansion program establishing offices and agencies in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. By the early 1980s, satisfied customers in practical all oil and gas producing countries were using LEUTERT instruments.

The testing instruments were originally developed and sold under our oil and gas division Over the years the customer base slowly changed. Nowadays water well construction and civil engineering companies, bridge, road and tunnel builders also became our customers.

As a consequence Sebastian Leutert, grandson of the founder established MUDTEST SP. z o.o. in 2015. With a new focus on the needs of our changing customers base MUDTEST will serve the oil and gas as well as the construction industry better. Thus MUDTEST will remain a part of the LEUTERT group. Based on LEUTERT´S past performance MUDTEST will continue to introduce new and improved products and services to our customers.